ABC Tracing & Phonics for Kids

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ABC Tracing & Phonics is the best educational app for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to learn tracing uppercase and lowercase alphabets from A to z.
It also helps your children to learn phonics and popular first words that eventually help in improving their speech skills. Each letter and associated words are read aloud clearly to help kids easily grasp them. This app will help your child to learn, write, read and pronounce English alphabets with more ease and fun for free.
Key Features of the app :
- Kids can easily learn to write english alphabets by following the hand gesture shown within the app.
- App contains 70+ bright and animated images of words ending with different letters along with their pronunciation.
- Each alphabet is read aloud to help your child to learn to read them.
- This app is completely ads-free and contains no unwanted pop-ups.
- The app contains a free 'ABC coloring pages' game for kids to have fun while learning.

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