Mermaid Coloring Book for Girls

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Pretty Mermaids need your help to look amazingly colorful! Grab your glitters & crayons and come join them in this wonderful underwater coloring adventure.
Mermaid Coloring is the best drawing & painting book game for kids with so many free beautiful coloring pages to choose from. This game is designed for kids (specially for girls) of age 2 to 13 who would love to dressup and do makeup on these princesses of the ocean. The game has a lot of painting tools like glitters and patterns for kids to explore their creativity.
Kids can choose from various tools like color pens, pencils, crayon etc. It also contains an auto-fill option for preschool kids to easily fill colors in their drawings. It contains more than 30 different bright colors to select from. Kids can even save and share their drawings with family and friends. The game is extremely safe for kids of all ages.
Key Features of the App :
- Contains around 40+ mermaids drawing pages to color.
- Perfect game for kids of age group 2 - 8 years.
- Lots of colors to choose from.
- Contains Glitters and Patterns for kids to explore their creativity.
- Has an auto-fill option for preschool and kindergarten kids.
- No hidden purchases. Absolutely free.

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