Animal Bathing Game for Kids

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Make your kid learn basic Bathing and hygiene practices with this awesome Jungle adventure. Let your toddler help the soiled Jungle Baby Animals get soaped, washed and cleaned up. Choose from a number of Jungle animals : Toby the Tiger, Luna the Lion, George the Gorilla, Elsa the Elephant, Zibu the Zebra, Henry the Hippo, Gabby the Giraffe and Milo the Monkey.
Animal Bath Time is crafted for kids within the age 3-5 years to help your baby learn basic hygiene practices in a fun and frisky way.
Key Features of the game :
- Completely Free. No In-app Purchases.
- Interactive game filled with funny animations.
- Helps toddlers learn basic hygiene practices in fun and frisky way.
- Lots of jungle characters to choose from.
- Tap around for surprise interactive objects.
- No annoying Advertisements, extremely Kids Safe.

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