Fruits Coloring Pages for Kids

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Fruits Coloring & Drawing Book is a free educational fun game for kids to learn about various fruits while enjoying to color them. The app contains lots of coloring pages to choose from. The app is specially designed for children of age 2 - 12 years. The app is of great help to the parents who are home schooling their toddlers. It helps kids to learn to identify the color, size and shape of various fruits like Apple, Mango, Strawberries, Oranges etc.
Key features of the app :
- All the coloring pages in this game are absolutely free.
- It has many color options to choose from.
- It helps kids to improve their drawing and painting skills by keeping the colors within the lines.
- The app also contains Glitter and Pattern tools to help children explore their creativity.
- Kids can save their artworks in the photo gallery to show it to their parents and grand parents.
- The game gui is designed for kids to easily learn to use them without any parental help.
- It also has an auto-fill color option to make it easy for toddlers to color the drawings.
- Children get to learn about various fruits and their names while having fun coloring them.

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